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Employee & Soldier

PULAU Corporation’s success is based on the skills and efforts of our employees. We have established a strong foundation of respect for the individual, equal opportunity, and a drug-free workplace. Over the years, as PULAU has expanded, most of our employees do not work at our corporate office, but instead are located worldwide, including various military installations.           


Humvee                      Forklift in warehouse

We are recognized as a diverse, highly responsive company that provides a full range of services, to include training device operation and maintenance, instruction/mentoring, logistics, supply chain management, training device relocations, and support for deployed operations.


PULAU has an outstanding reputation among our customers and industry peers. Our growth projections have risen steadily and we anticipate even greater opportunities in the future.  Our employees’ personal sense of responsibility for the Company’s success and welfare is a major factor in our past achievements and we envision you will add to this impressive record.


PULAU was established and has grown on a strong foundation of respect for the individual, equal opportunity for all and service to our customers.  Thanks to the devotion and hard work of our employees, PULAU is the leader in our field.